Caller ID says a lot about you

Are you sure it's saying the right thing?

If you were meeting a potential client for the first time, would you hand them a business card that read UNAVAILABLE or UNKNOWN? Of course not. But that's what many call centers are displaying right now when they use a tollfree number or an unmanaged DID to contact their customers.

Triwest can provide you with nationwide DIDs to which customized CallerID name appearance and return call routing are assigned via an easy-to-use online portal, providing maximum efficiency to your call campaigns. For campaigns with particular CNAM display requests or which require callback numbers in a particular region, Triwest provides the dynamic flexibility you need to both maintain compliance and get the highest contact rate.

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More connects & callbacks

Studies show that matching your CNAM display to your call campaign can increase your answer rate. With Triwest, you keep your existing telephone service provider(s) and display a CNAM tailored to your call campaign. You can even make money doing it!

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Let our expert team help forge a telecom strategy to significantly increase contact rates, drastically reduce telecom costs, allow compliance with state and federal laws, and provide carrier redundancy.